Annabel van Baren teaches at the University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht, the Netherlands, where she spreads the joys and finesses of English literature, language, and humour to future teachers of English. After receiving MA degrees in Gender Studies and English (cum laude) she was a post-graduate scholar at York University, Toronto and Roehampton University, London, UK. Her interests are everyday movements, ‘healthy’ vs. ‘unhealthy’ bodies, ‘mind over matter’, and the power of storytelling. These engagements result in various projects, both solo and collaborative. Annabel is experimenting with making sculptures founded on people’s personal narrations; in progress is a dance video series, in which several questions are investigated, such as “how to portray the feeling of sweaty palms?”; she is planning a documentary project on the ritualised aspects of daily movements, together with everyday-friend and visual anthropologist Domitilla Olivieri. Lastly, Annabel has collaborated as an external expert with the Dutch annual festival of contemporary dance and performance (Springdance) and she is excited about the book she’s translating and editing on contemporary Flemish theatre.