Artur Tajber is an Intermedia and performance artist. His first performances were in the mid-seventies (1975/76) and he has been performing and exhibiting worldwide since the end of seventies, with a break for the period from 1981 to 1989, when the military government authorities withheld his passport. He has published many catalogues and books, including “ORIENT-AkCJA – art of memory and art of action” (QQ Press1995). He is currently at work on two research and art projects – MetaMuseum and TIMEMIT (emission of time).

– Co-organizer (with W. Kazmierczak and P. Borowicki) of the first international
performance art festival in Krakow – Performance/Manifestacje in may 1981.
– A member of the board of Solidarnosc of Artists in Krakow (1980-1989).
– A founding member of KONGER, performance art formula and group – 1984-1991.
– An instigator of gt gallery (gallery-theatre, gallery of live art and exchange) in
Krakow (1986-1989)
– An artistic director of the Pryzmat Gallery in Krakow (1990-1994)
– A v-president of Polish Artist Union, Krakow Circle, and a Chair of Statutory
Commission of the Polish Artists Union, National Board – 1990-1996
– A founding member and president of Fort Sztuki Association – 1996-2007
– A member of editing board of Fort Sztuki art magazine – 2005-2007
– Independent curator and art organiser (Krakow Meetings 1995, Krakow in Cork
City 1993, Krakow Station 2000, Polish Performance Art in Quebec 1997, Bodensee
Festival 1998, AKCJA performance art international programme at Bunkier Sztuki,
Krakow – 1998-2001, Krakow en Quebec 2005, and many others… in Poland,
Canada, Ireland, Norway…).
– Consul of the Nomad Territories, from 1994
– A member of International Board of INTER art actuel magazine, Quebec City,
Canada, from the end of XX century.
– Academic teacher from 1992, professor of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow,
author of the programme, instigator and a head of Interfaculty Intermedia Studio
(2001-2007) and the author of the curriculum and a Chair of Intermedia Department
(from 2007), also a head of Performance Art Master Studio there.