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Two Clowns and a Death

An example of the kind of thinking through performance that Total Art Journal aims to foster, Two Clowns and a Death: Developing an idea. v.2 , is a performance in process by Julie André T. and Jeff Huckleberry (video by Bob Raymond and Phil Fryer) that was performed in Boston, MA, USA, May 2011.

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Thinking Politics With THINK AGAIN’s Actions Speak

Part impressionistic description, part interview, and part theoretical reflection, Natalie Loveless' multi-faceted engagement with THINK AGAIN's Actions Speak argues for the political importance of the uncanny and perspectivally displacing formal aspects of the AgitProp collaborative's latest mural and installation at the Worcester Museum of Art.

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Diving in Backwards: Creative Difference as Performance

In this reflection on their 2009 collaborative performance piece, Diving in Backwards, Lourdes Blansfield and Marcia Ferguson, two women from very different theatrical traditions (improvisatory movement and “straight” theatre), document the risky, chaotic, and delightfully serendipitous process of jumping into an artistic unknown. Their creative differences fused in an exciting interplay between kinship and resistance, text and body, follower and leader.

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