Beatriz Preciado is a philosopher. An Honors Graduate and Fulbright Fellow, she studied Philosophy and Gender Theory at the New School for Social Research in New York with Agnes Heller and Jacques Derrida before continuing her postgraduate studies at Princeton University. S/he holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy. Her first book,Contra-Sexual Manifesto (Balland, 2000) was acclaimed by French critics as “the red book of queer theory” and translated into five languages. S/he has recently published, in Spanish and French, T Junkie (Espasa/Grasset, 2008) an essay about what s/he names “the pharmacopornographic regime”. S/he currently teaches philosophy and gender studies at the Université Paris VIII, and the Independent Studies Program (PEI) at the Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona (MACBA). Her last essay, Anal Terror (Melusina, 2009) is a reading of Guy Hocquenghem’s Homosexual Desire. Preciado has also published many articles including: “Multidudes Queer”, “Savoirs-Vampires@War”, “Mies-conception” or  “Sex design”. Her last book Pornotopia (Finalista Premio Anagrama, 2010), is an essay about the Playboy Houses and architecture at the pharmacopornographic age.