The Contra-Sexual Manifesto (Excerpt)

Beatriz Preciado

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Beatriz Preciado’s Contra-sexual Manifesto has become a cult performative text for queer, transgender and cripple cultures in Europe. It was originally written in English and Spanish and first published in France in 2000.  This is the first publication of any portion of the manifesto in English.

Contra-sexual Contract (Sample)

I, the signatory herewith _______________________________foreswear, by my own will, body and affects, of my biopolitical position as a man or a woman, of any privilege (whether social, economic, or regarding hereditary rights) and of any commitment (whether social, economic, or reproductive) resulting from my gender, sexual and race position within the framework of the naturalized heterosexual system.

I recognize my body and all living bodies as speaking bodies and I fully consent to never enter into a naturalized sexual relationship with them, and to never have sex with them outside of temporal and consensual contra-sexual contracts.

I declare myself a somatic translator: dildo-producer, a translator and distributor of dildos onto my own body and onto any body signing this contract.

I renounce all the privileges and all obligations that could derive from the unequal power positions generated by the consensual use and re-inscription of dildos within the framework of this contract.

I declare myself as a hole and as a worker of the asshole.

I resign all legal kinship (both parental and marital) that has been assigned to me within the heterosexual regime, as well as all privileges and obligations derived from them.

I resign all property rights over my sexual fluids and cells and over the production of my uterus. I recognize the right to use my reproductive cells only within the framework of a consensual contra-sexual contract. I resign all property rights over the body or bodies produced within the context of a contra-sexual reproductive practice.

This agreement is valid during a period of time of ____ days, ____ months, ____ years.

Sign __________________________________          Date____________________



Contra-sexual Inversion Practices


Dildotectonics is the experimental contra-science dedicated to the study of the birth, formation and uses of the dildo. Here the term dildo designates all kinds of technologies of gender and sex that resist the normative production of the body and its pleasures. Dildotectonics’ aim is to draw a general cartography of the cracks and slippages inflicted by the dildo on the hegemonic sex-gender system. To make dildotectonics a critical branch of contra-sexuality is to consider the body as a dildoscape: a living surface where dildos are inscribed and displaced.

Within the heteronormative regime, the term dildotectonics describes deviant and non-normal uses of the individual body, or a practice where several bodies make gender or have sex with dildos. Practiced by subaltern subjects, and working against the medical and psychological discourses that naturalize the body, sex and sexuality (and according to which the dildo is a “fetish”), dildotectonics is not an easy science.

Dildotectonics locates gender and sexual technologies of resistance. It studies their functioning, the ways in which they interrupt the flow of production of body-pleasure-capital not only within heterosexual but also within queer cultures.

The notion of “dildo” can be generalized to reinterpret the history of philosophy and of art production. Thus, within Jacques Derrida’s grammatology, “writing” is the dildo of the metaphysics of presence. Likewise, following Walter Benjamin, within the era of mechanical reproduction, a museum is always a collection of dildos. Finally, all philosophy can be traced back to a more or less complex dildology.



Practice n. 2

Masturbating an arm: citation of the graph “dildo” on a forearm

Principle directing the practice: The dildo logic

Technology: Contra-sexual translation of the dildo on a forearm or dildotectonics applied to an arm

Number of Bodies (or Speaking Subjects) who take part in the practice: 1

Materials: a red marker

Optional material: a violin (or an approximate imitation of this instrument)

Total time of the practice: 2 minutes, 30 seconds


Within the heterosexual and capitalist regime, the body functions as a total-prosthesis working at the service of sexual reproduction and the production of genital pleasure. The body is organized around a single somato-semantic signifier that must be mechanically excited over and over and again. This definition of sexual activity, both heterosexual and homosexual, is deathly and death driven.

The aim of this contra-sexual practice is to modify the ordinary uses of the sexual body, subverting theirbiopolitical reactions. This exercise is based on the practice of grafting new meanings onto certain body parts (in this case, a forearm) using the operation of dildotectonic inversion (a reaction causing a change from one biopolitical configuration of the body into another, opening the possibility of new uses of the self) and investment (the action of investing a surplus of energy or political meaning onto an organ).

The double term inversion/investment refers to an operation of textual-prosthetic citation that overturns the hegemonic syntagm of the heterosexual regime. First, drawing from an economic term, investment refers to the action of supplying a surplus of energy or biopolitical meaning onto an organ expecting the production of a counter-benefit. It is a practice of sharing bodily energy and biopolitical meaning within time. Thus, the individual body is no longer private property but shared. Second, to invest implies to endow a certain body part with new performative force, conferring authority to do something else, or to produce otherwise. Third, the invested organ is physically covered, redesigned. Inversion means not only physical reversal, but also the reaction causing a change from one biopolitical configuration of the body into another, opening the possibility of new uses of the self. This operation of citation displaces the performative force of the heterosexual code to invert/invest the body, causing a per-version, a dislocation of the effects of sexual activity.


Description of the practice

A speaking body holds a (true or fake) violin between its jaw and its left shoulder. The left hand touches the cords with precision. The right hand agitates the arc with energy. The eyes look to the left arm as if the score was written onto the skin.

Without changing the position of the body, the violin is removed from the arms (operation: cutting out the violin). The head, now without the violin, rests on the left shoulder. The place occupied by the violin is now taken by a dildo. The action is not an aim in itself, but is a transitive movement.

The operation of somatic translation takes the dildo out of the left arm (operation: cutting out the dildo). Then a dildo shall be drawn onto the forearm’s skin with a red marker. This practice comes from the techniques used during phalloplasty surgery (surgical construction of a penis) using the muscles and the skin of the forearms or the legs. Contemporary medicine works as if the body was a plastic and open landscape where every organ can become some other organ, something else. Taking into account this somatic plasticity, every body potentially contains at least four penises (two on the legs, two on the arms) and an indeterminate number of vaginas (as many holes and folds as can be artificially opened within the body). This body is no longer transgender, but contra-gender.

The eyes move now towards the forearm’s skin where the dildo has been grafted. The right hand holds the dildo-arm and moves up and down, intensifying blood circulation towards the fingers (operation: jerking off a dildo-arm). The left hand opens and closes rhythmically. Blood circulation becomes more and more intense. The effect is music-like. The melody is the sound produced by rubbing the skin. The body breathes following the rhythm of friction.

As in the previous practice, the total time must be controlled using a chronometer that indicates, arbitrarily, the moment of pleasure and the orgasmic climax. Orgasm must be simulated during ten seconds. After that, breathing becomes calmer and deeper and the arms and the head are totally relaxed.


Practice n.3

Citation of the graph “dildo” on a head

Principle directing the practice: The dildo logic

Technology: Contra-sexual translation of the dildo on a head or dildotectonics applied to a head

Number of Bodies (or Speaking Subjects) who take part in the practice: 3

Materials: a red marker, 75ml (nontoxic) red colored water, an electric shaver

Total time of the practice: 2 minutes, 5 seconds


Description of the practice

Three bodies (or speaking subjects) sign a contra-sexual contract with the aim to get to know and to improve the practice of citation of the graph “dildo” on the head. The practice will be performed as many times as considered necessary in order for all the bodies to be placed, at least once, at the citation position.

First, two of the bodies shave the other’s head. The operation of somatic translation is performed through the citation of the “dildo” on the surface of the shaved head, drawing a dildo-sign on the skin with a red marker. The body situated at the citation position takes 75 ml of red colored water into its mouth. It stands up between the other two bodies. The working bodies will rub the dildo-head rhythmically sliding their hands up and down. Every 40 seconds, the dildo-head will spit red water, looking at the sky. During 2 minutes, it will have ejected water 3 times. Immediately after the third ejaculation, the body placed at the citation position will utter a piercing cry simulating a vehement orgasm.

The contractual practice of shaving heads (operation: removing hair, undressing the head’s skin as skin) can be performed during several days during which the three bodies learn and practice the technique of citation of the graph “dildo” on each other’s heads until they become experts in the art of provoking and simulating head orgasms.